Auto Production Line


Automated system
Bobbin supply, terminal press machine, winding machine, solder fusing, various finishing equipment, inspection equipment of electrification camera, to connect the automatic ejection and palletizing, etc. in the free flow conveyor or shuttle transfer unit, and build a complete automatic winding system to you.

System standard options
Bobbin supply

Vibrating feeder parts feeder
Vibration by the work bobbin automatically prepares the orientation of the work to the next station, I will supply the terminal or the like.
4 (800x450)

Automatic insertion and ejection

Check the work bobbin supplied from the parts feeder to conduct such turning, reverse pitch change, and supplies the jig core delivery pallet. DSCN0591

Winding wire

So as to match the normal single winding machine to automatic line, change a single winding machine on a dedicated stand, insertion and ejection out unit, conveyor, change the layout of the electrical relation, to make changes to suit the system.

Finishing equipment

Solder fusing equipment

Apparatus for thermally pressed dissolved by heat current while applying pressure to the terminal.
Apparatus for soldering the winding to the terminal


Measures the resistance value current to the terminal, it is checked whether the winding is successful device.
Completing the work bobbin is taken, the master image and numerically compared, and then determines whether the error is good within the allowable.