Single-axis machine TP300

TP300 B 1 axis barrier Taping Machine

TP300 C 1 Jikugaiso Taping Machine


1. adopted agile rotate the AC servo motor to bobbin rotation, I was high-speed taping in reverse.
2. only program completion to set the taping turns, I can easily taping.
3.Number of production, function, error, etc. various information is displayed on the PC.



Number of spindles 1 axis
Spindle motor AC servo motor
Rotation speed 3000rpm MAX
Maximum radius of gyration 40mm
Winding drum diameter φ4~φ40
Exterior tape width 3~40mm
Barrier tape width 1.6~8mm
Tape reel Inner diameter 3 inches, an outer diameter of 6 inches
Power supply Single-phase AC100 / 110/120 ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz In the option single-phase AC200 / 220/240 support
Body dimensions TP300B 447.5(W)mmx507.5(D)mm×558(H)mmTP300C 447.5(max458)(W)mm×507.5(D)mm×558(H)mm
Body weight 32Kg
Power consumption 750VA
Air source 0.5MPa
Programming method The menu system by touch panel


Automatic discharge device (with stroke adjustment)
Safety cover
Both hands away start switch
Tape count detection
Air pressure detectionBobbin float confirmation

Bobbin confirmation detection

The remaining tape detection