Single-axis machine PW01


It is a simple winding machine for winding by hand.
And enables fine adjustment for accelerator operation is possible by foot pedal.Switching power supply transformer or the like, it is best to specifications that turns less manual process is in frequent.
Settings for very simple, you can respond to high-mix low-volume products.
In addition I am also suitable for prototype production.
(You can change the controller of direction by the specification)


Horizontal type


Vertical type


Maximum bobbin outer diameter 150mmMAX
Apply wire diameter Please contact us
Acceleration Pedal operation
Maximum rotational speed 2500rpm
Number of turns the smallest unit 0.1 turns (Minced 36 degrees)
Number of spindles 1 axis
Jig shank diameter Common with AX1 series
Winding configuration Up to 30,000 turn 4 circuit
Brake Electromagnetic brake
Power-supply voltage 100V
Power consumption 70W
Machine body dimensions 250(W)x270(D)x220(H)
Machine body mass 10kg