Single-axis machine | AX2

Horizontal single axis automatic winding machine


1. The ideal of the spindle control program can be set the rotation speed to direct it (stepless).
Rising and freely programmable the falling curve.
Deceleration start point setting of the spindle is unnecessary to (stop automatically place by simply turns setting).
400W variable speed induction motor standard equipment (PWM control).
2. Adopt servo control scheme to innovative traverse control traverse.High-speed response and accurate positioning capability.
Maximum speed 80mm / (our conventional ratio of 4 times).Large pitch winding is possible.
3. In the adoption of powerful program features online program system, simplify the program creation.
Colorful winding capacity possible pitch winding, variable speed winding, progressive winding, can pitch feed winding, etc..
Than that you use an external control function sequence function, can be connected to an external device, you can control the external device.
4. When it likely disturbance winding of driver scan position correction function with winding, you use this feature (spindle in rotation correction is also possible).
Connectable to a PC in 5.RS232C interface.
Upload 6. winding program, available for download.
7. achieve easy maintenance by the maintenance mode.
8. display over display character Japanese mode of, English mode correspondence.(Specify either)


Maximum bobbin outer diameter 300mm MAX
Winding width 0~300mm
Apply wire diameter Φ0.018~2.0
Power supplyFor 100VFor 200V

Power consumption

Single-phase 50 ~ 60Hz100,110,115,120V200,220,230,240V


Motor Three-phase induction motor 200V400W
Maximum speed For thin line
10,000 / 4,000 / 1,400RPM
(Three-stage pulley)
540rpm (option for thick lines)
Motor DC servo motor 35 (W)
Maximum speed 80mm/Sec
Pitch 0.001~9.999mm(50mm/Sec)
Stroke 300mm
Storage memory 999 step
External interface function RS232C installed (cable sold separately)
External control function Sequence featured (input and output: each 8bit)
Printer function Conforms to Centronics (cable sold separately)
Display LCD back with light (40 columns × 4 lines)
Input method The menu-driven by the seat switch
Body mass 130Kg
Body dimensions 881(W)×659(D)×546(H)