Options | twist TX1

Wire twist equipment


  1. With our original controller, performs all of the control that contains a 2-axis servo motor over, we have achieved a low price, saving size.
  2. By simple structural design, easy setting of wire.
  3. In change-over switch, I can easily set.
  4. One-touch connection with flat cable, widely I can accommodate from single-axis machine to multi-axis machine.
  5. In order to cope with a wide range of range of the input signal (DC5 ~ 24V), you can connect to various winding machine
  6. Please consult the third-party winding machine in advance if the mounting.


F1 controller control
Apply wire diameter φ0.018 ~ φ0.15mm
Power-supply voltage Single-phase AC100,110,120,200,220,230,240 (V) ± 10%
Power consumption 500W
Machine body weight 13㎏
Machine body dimensions

100 (W) × 460 (D) × 600 (H) mm


The number of twist

10-990 turn (set to every 10 turns)

Twist portion length 100 ~ 350mm
Twist rotation speed 500 ~ 5000rpm (10 stage setting)
Motor 15W DC servo motor


Sukein number of times 1-9 times
Scale in speed 20 ~ 1500mm / sec 1-6 sec / Skein (10 stage setting)
Motor 15W DC servo motor
Cycle time 7 seconds (3 twist, if the twist number 300 turns)