Options | tension ACT500TC

Automatic closed-loop tension device


1. can be freely set any number of times in direct grams the tension value by automatic tension program features winding program.
2. The closed-loop function tension measuring system, by performing the measured correct the actual tension values, stable tension value is obtained.
3. Active feedback function winding acceleration and deceleration time of the sudden line speed variations Ina by – influence of shear, and to realize stable winding By removing unnecessary frictional resistance on the wire path can prevent breakage .
4. Because you can set up speed tension value of setup time directly from the winding program, eliminating the need for tension device adjustment.
5. In order to display the current value of the tension value display tension, there is no need to measure in the tension meter.
6. extensive wire diameter corresponding tension bar, simply replace the tension pulley, to obtain a wide range of tension values.


Tension range 80〜500g
Wire diameter range 0.1〜0.28mm
Body dimensions 246(H) 225(D) 77(W)mm
Body weight 1.7kg

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