F1 controller


[Adopt touch panel]
Employs a touch panel on the display unit, comment display and parameters of monitors and settings,
I was to enable the JOG operation and I / O monitor.
[New programming tool]
Development of programming tools TMC_F1 for F1 controller.
Is installed on your computer, make a winding machine and USB connection, program editing,
Parameter settings, you will be able to perform the I / O maintenance and monitoring of each information.
[Servo axes Operation High precision]
 ・0.001mm the minimum travel distance of the servo axis.
 ・The tying operation to arc, spiral Kara Gate also possible.
 ・Home search to adopt the Z-phase, high-precision.

Comparison table between F1 and G2 (Former controller)

Item F1 G2
CPU speed 50MHz 20MHz
Servo axes 10 axis 7 axis
Servo axes maximum speed 1MHz 50KHz
Programming tool TMC_F1
(Communication RS232C)
Maximum program capacity and maximum storage program number 15000 line
(1 line half-width up to 80 characters)
Program number 200
256K bytes
Program number 200
MaximumI/OScore Input 240 points
Output 240 points
Input 176 points
Output 168 points
Executable program number 100 points 40 points
Indicator Touch panel LCD
Minimum position setting single 0.001mm 0.01mm
Maximum servo movement amount ±2147483.647mm ±320.00mm
The maximum number of turns 900000 turn 65535 turn
Home search accuracy High accuracy using a motor Z phase The sensor accuracy
Tying behavior Encoder 12 square
User messages Yes No
Parameter change from the display device Yes No
Data register 4 3