1. printable up to a thickness of about 12 mm. Ultra-high-speed inkjet printer
2. capable of high-speed printing of the fastest 20,000 sheets / hour (postcard vertical through).
I can print the address directly from 3.Windows for soft ACCESS.
4. I will reduce the dryness of the head by automatic capping mechanism.
5. for printing blur prevention, SIS mechanism employed to inject periodically ink.
5. Ideal for printing and small-lot printing of floating item numbering, etc. from mailing Print
6. various bar code (customer bar code · NW7 other) correspondence.
7. postpaid printing charges Mark company logo simple map such as a bit map data (monochrome) is also possible
8. It is recommended to address printing tasks such as printing-related trader and DM agency like.


Length: up to 508 minimum 80 Thickness: Up to 12.0

Printing method Ink-jet system
Print speed (number of sheets / hour) 20,000 sheets / hour
(At the time of postcard horizontal 12mm width printing)
Print quality 300 x 300dpi
600 x 300dpi
600 x 600dpi
Number of print head 4 head (2 inches)
8 head (4 inches)
Printing method 2 inches fixed system
4 inches fixed system
Target paper Postcard, envelope, booklet
Use ink Pigment-based water-based ink
Large bulk tank
Paper size(mm)
Print width(mm) 4 head vertical 48.8mm
8 head vertical 97.6mm
Paper feeding capacity By design of a separate sheet feeder
Paper received capacity By separate conveyor
Printing position accuracy Vertical and horizontal direction: ± 1mm
Rotation of the print data 0°  +90° -90° 180°
Paper thickness adjustment 0 ~ 12mm adjustable
Environmental condition Operation: 5 ° ~ 35 °
Humidity: 30-80%
Connection PC Windows8.1,8[64/32bit],XP[32bit]
Printing software It is possible to print from the above Windows compatible software.
(Example、Fudemame、MS Access/excel/word)
Various print settings item By the operation panel
Printer driver Dedicated printer driver
Interface USB1.1
Dimensions(mm) 650x800x1160
Weight(kg) 95kg
Power supply(V,Hz) 100v 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption(W) 200W(During operation)
Main hopper Horizontal loading system
Main hopper paper loading system Automatic paper feed (horizontal direction, horizontal transport)
Paper Vacuum system
Prepared Feed system Conveyor transport
Paper discharge method Conveyor discharge
Auxiliary hopper By separate sheet feeder
Options Feeder
Drying Conveyor
Direct conveyor
Bulk ink tank
Inspection equipment