Desktop address printing machine


Can be installed in the office of the desk
1: direct address printed on now your envelope, postcard-bundling.
2: Reduce labor costs and time for pasting the address label costs and label.
3: The maximum 1,800 sheets / hour (postcard horizontal through-6 line printing) printing.
4: postcard if 400 sheets set possible at a time.
5: various bar code (customer bar code · NW7 other) correspondence.
6: tabletop type of address printing machine that can be installed in the office of the desk.
7: quick-drying ink-jet adopted. 600dpi with a clean print.
8: Use a commercially available software for Windows, calligraphy address printing also possible.



Printing specifications Printing method Ink-jet system
Print speed 1,800 sheets / Time (postcard horizontal 12mm width printing)
Print quality Standard: 300dpi High Quality: 600dpi
Number of print head 1 head (1/2 inch)
Printing method 1/2 inch width Shiruaru scan method
Target paper Postcard, envelope
Use ink
Paper size(mm) Width: maximum 312 minimum 55 / length: up to 380 minimum 55 / thickness: up to 1.0
Print width(mm) Width: 260mm length: 330mm
Paper feeding capacity Postcard about 500 sheets
Paper received capacity Postcard about 1000
Printing position accuracy Vertical and horizontal direction: ± 1mm
Rotation of the print data 0° 180°
Paper thickness adjustment 0 ~ 1mm adjustment (manual rotary)
Paper bend sensor
Environment Environmental condition Operation: 5 ° ~ 35 ° Humidity: 30-80%
Connection PC Windows7[32bit]、XP、2000
Printing software It is possible to print from the above Windows compatible software.
(Example:Fudemame、MS Access、Word、Excel)
Operation Various print settings item By the operation panel
Printer driver Dedicated printer driver
Interface Centronics
Equipment specifications Dimensions(mm)
(Width: Depth: high)
Weight(kg) 30kg
Power supply(V,Hz) 100V、50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption(W) 50W (during operation)
Main hopper Horizontal overlapping product system
Main hopper paper loading system Automatic paper feed
Paper Rubber roller feed
Paper feed system Rubber roller transport
Paper discharge method Rubber roller emissions
Auxiliary hopper
Other Options Drying Conveyor
Print server
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