Single-axis automatic tying with winding machine


1. compatible with a wide variety of winding in tabletop.
2. processing capacity is greatly improved by the adoption of the new control board.Equipped with
3.Windows corresponding fourth next generation controller F1.
4. simplify the creation of more programs by the program automatically generated by jog trace function.
5. winding programming language inherited our AW, same original commands and AX series.
Customers using our winding machine, no need a new program training.
6. program editing privileges can manage the user ID.
Option group of rich variations. It also corresponds to the system configuration.Air nipper equipment, taping equipment, Senosae equipment (* 1), automatic discharge device (* 1), the index unit (* 1),
Chuck switchgear, twist equipment, peeling equipment, third hold equipment, bobbin verification device, tension device,
Hot air equipment, tail stock, safety cover, system insertion-ejection equipment
(* 1) You can not simultaneously equipped with each other.

Click here for F1 controller

Main options of SS


テーピングユニット【Taping unit】


カッターユニット【Cutter unit】


安全カバー切替スイッチ【Safety cover change-over switch】


線押さえ【Line holding】


WSSS01ワイヤーストリッパーユニット【WSSS01 wire stripper unit】


VW/SS01線はずしユニット【VW / SS01-wire disconnect unit】


ボビンインデックスユニット【Bobbin index unit】


第3ホールド【Third hold】


ノズルチェンジャー【Nozzle changer】

WSSS01細線専用ワイヤーストリッパー装置【WSSS01 thin line dedicated wire stripper equipment】

WSSS01細線専用                ワイヤーストリッパー装置

WSSS01細線専用ワイヤーストリッパー装置【WSSS01 thin line dedicated wire stripper equipment】


SS01用ボビン確認ユニット【SS01 bobbin confirmation unit】


Maximum bobbin outer diameter 140mmMAX
Apply wire diameter 0.02 ~ 1.0mm
Traverse movement amount X: 150mm (Left: 100mm, right: 50mm)
Y: 100mm (from Osamu ingredients per surface: 10 ~ 110mm)
Traverse speed 250mm / sec
Traverse motor X, Y50W Z = 100W servo motor
Spindle rotation speed 16,000 / 10,000 / 5,000 / 2,000 (selection)
Nozzle turning 0 °, 90 °, 135 ° of 3 position, air drive
Power-supply voltage Single-phase 100V, 110V, 120V, 200V, 220V, 240V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 1KVA
Air pressure 0.49 ~ 0.59MPa
Machine body dimensions 600 (W) × 1000 (D) × 680 (H) mm
Machine body mass 120kg

Other SS01 overall view

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