NX winding machine


1.NX series stroke range of traverse than conventional machines, mechanical rigidity, etc. has been improved. Conventionally enables high-speed, high-precision, high-difficulty of winding, I have realized the high rigidity and long life at the same time.
2. high reliability with a simple design, operability, I have realized the maintenance.
3.Windows by TNK original controller of standard interface mounted we have achieved a high usability.
4. It is possible to correspond to a wide variety of needs by the wide variety of optional features.

Click here for F1 controller


Number of spindles 4 6 8
Spindle rotation speed 4000/10000/16000rpm
Spindle spacing 90 60 45
Spindle servo motor 750(1500*)
Traverse motor X: 200WY: 200WZ: 200W
Spindle diameter 10mm(12mm*)
Apply wire diameter 0.02mm~0.32mm(>0.32mm*)
Maximum bobbin outer diameter 55 45 30
Traverse operating range X: 110mmY: 150mmZ: 70mm
Traverse speed 400mm/sec
Controller F1 controller
Power-supply voltage Single-phase AC200~230V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 1500W
Compressed air pressure 0.49~0.59Mpa
Machine body dimensions 700(W)×1100(D)×1300(H)mm
Machine body mass 400kg

Note: * mark is optional.