MS1800 Series

CNC automatic winding machine


1. In the compact tabletop, and achieve high rigidity necessary for high-speed rotation and alignment winding.
2. The program function corresponding to the various windings. (Windows compatible)
In the adoption of online program system, simplify the program creation.
Variable pitch winding, variable speed winding, progressive winding, can pitch feed winding, etc..
3. trouble information is displayed on the screen, all of the sensor state can also check on the screen, easy maintenance.
4. equipment selection function display display character. (Japanese mode, English mode selection)
5. jig conveyance by, the system of possible on our own 3 seconds insertion and ejection system.
6. Optional group of rich variations.
Air nipper equipment, twist equipment, automatic insertion discharge device, Senkuzu processing equipment, other.


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MS1802 MS1804 MS1806
Number of spindles 2 4 6
Maximum speed (rpm) 4,000 / 10,000 / 16,000
Each axis between the pitch (mm) 90 45 30
Winding possible wire wire diameter 0.02~0.6mm
Winding possible bobbin outside diameter (mm) 60 30 15
Traverse movement amount (mm) X: 100mm (left 50, right 50)
Y: 90mm (front and back)
Z: 50mm (top 40, under 10)
Power-supply voltage Single-phase: AC200 ~ 230V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 800W
Air pressure 0.49~0.59Mpa
Machine body dimensions (mm) 900(W)×570(D)×640(H)
Machine body mass (Kg) 120

MS main options


WS1804ワイヤーストリッパー【Wire stripper】


AN1804V水平向きエアニッパー【AN1804V horizontal orientation air nippers】


AN1804エアニッパーユニット【AN1804 air nippers unit】



TL1804テールストックユニット【TL1804 tail stock unit】


SC18A安全カバー【SC18A safety cover】


両手スタートスイッチ【Both hands start switch】

Note: * mark is optional.