4-axis automatic tying with winding machine


1. Use the AC servo spindle and traverse, and high-speed response and reliable positioning capability.
2. simplify the creation of the program by the online program method and Boji tion trace function.
3. winding programming language our AW series, inherit the same original command and AX10.
Customers using our winding machine, no need a new program training.
4. Connect to a PC, can be transferred winding program.
5. Because of the electrical tension control software visceral, can be mounted on Olympus electrical tension device.
6. trouble information is displayed on the CRT, all of the sensor state also can be found in the CRT, easy maintenance.
7. display display character of selection featured. (Japanese mode, English mode selection)
8. Optional group of rich variations. It also corresponds to the system configuration. Air Nipper equipment (* 1), taping equipment (* 1), Senosae equipment (* 2), the system insertion-ejection device (* 2), automatic discharge device (* 3), chuck switchgear (* 3), peeling equipment , twist equipment, third hold equipment, bobbin verification device, tension device, hot air equipment, tail stock, safety cover, mini console
(* 1) (* 2), (* 3) each group with each other also, simultaneous equipment Not taping equipment and stripping equipment.

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AX40 main option


RTW40テーピングユニット【RTW40 taping unit】


AN40エアニッパーユニット【AN40 air nippers unit】


AX40カシメユニット【AX40 caulking unit】


ボビン供給用旋回インデックスユニット【Bobbin supply for turning index unit】


ボビン供給用旋回インデックスユニット2種タイプ【Bobbin supply for turning index unit two types】


FTW40テーピングユニット【FTW40 taping unit】


AN40縦型ニッパー【AN40 Vertical nippers】


WS40ワイヤーストリッパー【WS40 wire stripper】


Maximum bobbin outer diameter 50mmMAX
Apply wire diameter 0.02 ~ 0.60mm
Traverse movement amount X: 90 mm (left: 45mm, right: 45mm)
Y: 90 mm (from Osamu ingredients per surface: 10 ~ 100mm)
Z: 80 mm (top: 65mm, below: 15mm)
Traverse speed 250mm / sec
Number of spindles 4-axis
Spindle pitch 64 mm
Jig shank diameter 12mm one-touch
Spindle rotation speed 16,000,8,000,4,000rpm MAX (to 20,000 rpm MAX custom)
Spindle motor 750W
Nozzle turning 0 °, 90 °, 135 ° of 3 position, air drive
Memory capacity 15000 lines (one line half-width up to 80 characters) program number 200
External interface function USB2.0 installed (cable included)
Power-supply voltage Single-phase 200 ~ 230V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption 1KW
Air pressure 0.49 ~ 0.59MPa
Machine body dimensions 760 (W) × 930 (D) × 1370 (H) mm
Machine body mass 250kg