Bobbinless winding machine


  1. Mechanism component life increase the accuracy of the winding by designing the structure to minimize the impact of heat generated during thermal fusion (durability) is long.
  2. High vibration less quietness even in high-speed rotation.
  3. By synchronizing both sides jig rotated to allow winding of miniature coils, the winding accuracy at high speed is enhanced.
  4. Cycle time of operation up to the end and wound from the beginning and turns of the coil is short.
  5. Windows compatible, is equipped with a next-generation controller G2.
  6. And simplify the creation of more programs by the program automatically generated by jog trace function.
  7. Optional devices: alcohol coating device, releasing agent atomizer.


Number of spindles 1 axis
Apply wire diameter (mm) Heat welding method (alcohol welding method)/Hot welding(Alchole welding)
Adhesion method 0.02〜0.6mm
Spindle drive system Both axis synchronous drive type/2 Spindle synchronous motor
Spindle rotation speed (rpm) MAX.5000
Stopping accuracy ±0°(Mechanical lock type)
Winding maximum outer diameter (mm) 20(50※)
Winding minimum inner diameter (mm) 1mm
Lead wire length The winding start it (45minMIN) winding end (35mmMIN)
Pitch setting system 0.0001mm
Maximum coil width (mm) MAX20(※30)
Winding setting accuracy 0.001
Wire cutting method Punch cut
Spindle servo motor (W) AC servo motor 400W/AC Servo Motor 400W
Traverse Motor (W) AC servo motor 100W/AC Servo Motor 100W
Power supply voltage (V) Single-phase/Single 200V 50Hz/60Hz
Consumption voltage (W) 1800
Compressed air pressure (Mpa) 0.49Pa
Machine body size (W × D × H / mm) 800(W)×500(D)×1500(H)
Machine body weight (kg) 150

Note: * mark is optional.