History of TNK


NX Series automatic winding machine sales
AW902 small winding machine sales
PW01 miniaturized half manual winding machine sales
DA6130Ⅱ / 6350Ⅱ Selling series


CLC01 clutch coil winding machine sales
ACT5k sale
By manufacturing and sales integrated reform, and moved to the Fukushima plant in Sendai and Tokyo both office as East Sales Section
PX01 / SS aligned winding machine sales



And changed its name to TNK
3.11 by the Great East Japan Earthquake Fukushima plant partially destroyed, production resumed after one month


Fourth generation controller F1 equipment on-board automatic winding machine sales
DA6130 / 6350 to sell the series


China MDC motor winding machine series released
China TMC inspection machine series released
MS-5800 fixed axis winding machine sale
ISO14001 certification in Fukushima Plant
PCT pulse tension release
SJ20K inkjet printer mail sale


DA10K inkjet printer mail sale
China Tanakaseiki (Jiaxing) second plant completed


SS01 1 axis CNC winding machine sales


AW8800 series winding machine China Factory production start
MS1800 series winding machine China Factory production start
DA6100 inkjet printer mail sale


Established Tanakaseiki (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. in China.
MS1800 series winding machine sale


BX01 bobbinless winding machine sale
TCW01 winding machine for sale air coil


G2 new controller sale


ACT series active tension device released
TP-300 series taping equipment sale
FTW Series finger type taping equipment sale
DA6200 inkjet printer mail sale


TLF-01 compact general purpose automatic soldering equipment sale
Shanghai office opened


AXF Series nozzle type flyer automatic winding machine sale
DA-7000 inkjet printer mail sale


Inkjet printer mail DA-1100 released
AX-40 4-axis winding winding machine sale
FW-10 1 axis film winding machine sale
WT-10 1 axis switching winding machine sale
AX-1404 compact 4-axis automatic winding machine sale


Sealing machine LS-1500 released
Inkjet printer mail DA-6000 released


Inclusion machine LI-1500 released


AX-3 horizontal single axis winding machine sale
TX-1 single-axis twist equipment sale
Kanji address printing machine AP-2400 released
The 100% get the capital of the United States of sales company


Automatic sealing machine LS-1000 released
Kanji address printing machine AP-3000 released
AX-2 horizontal single axis winding machine sale
The branch opened in Hong Kong
AX-10 1-axis CNC winding machine released (development servo controller-house)
SR-1 1 axis switching winding machine sale


AX-1 Tanjikumaki line machine sale
TP-200 barrier taping machine sale
Automatic inclusion machine LI-1000 released


New headquarters building completed in Mita, Minato-ku, (January)
Free flow type automatic coil production system TFF-03-inch release of


Singapore office opened
Free flow type automatic coil production system TFF-02-inch release of
Kanji address printing machine AP-2300 type sale
Ultra-high-speed mail printer DA-5000 type sale


Free flow type automatic coil production system TFF-01-inch release of
Multi-axis fixed axis automatic winding machine AW-9000 series released
Kanji address printing machine AP-2200Ⅱ sale


Opened London office
And established a sales office in France
Pervasive mail printer DA-1000 type sale


Established merger company TANAC KOREA INC. In South Korea. Production of winding machine, to perform the sale
Established merger company TAIWAN TANAC (co) in Taiwan. I do sales of winding machine
Sale of automatic winding machine in the UK
Osaka office opened
Multi-axis fixed axis type automatic winding machine AW-8700 series released
Shuttle type system TSF series released
The index type finishing apparatus TRF-106 type sale
Overhead taping equipment ATW series released


Multi-axis index type automatic winding machine AW-8600 series released


Multi-axis index type automatic winding machine AW-8800 series released
Address direct printing machine DA-2000 type sale
Simultaneous search machine RA-2003SH type sale


Sales start the automatic winding machine in China
Wire twist equipment TWS-48-inch release
Winding finishing robotic device (automatic supply, exhaust, soldering, etc.) TRB-01-inch release
Magnet tension device MT series released
With FDD Kanji Envelopes and printing machine AP-2000 type released


Established merger company TANAC INC. In Los Angeles, to conduct the sale of winding machine
With terminal automatic tying index type automatic winding machine AW-862 type (8 axis) Release
Labeling machine LM-100/200-inch release


Kyushu sales office opened
Flyer winding machine AWF-845 type sale
Label address printing machine AP-1000 released


Start winding machine sales in India
With terminal automatic tying of computer control index type automatic winding machine AW-861 type (6-axis) Release
Tape winder TW-50-inch release


Microcomputer visceral, Tanjikumaki winding machine AW-850 series released
Address printing machine A-380 series released
Simultaneous search machine RA-2003 type sale
A4 card simultaneously search machine RA-400 type sale
Card Reader CR-201 type sale


Established Korean winding machine agency KOREA TANAC SERVICE
Flyer winding machine AWF-842 type sale
Sort selector S-101-13 type sale


Established office equipment distributor in France, the Netherlands, Taiwan
Tape winder TW-30-inch release
Office equipment sorter S-101-13 type sale


Established a Tanakku Engineering Co., Ltd. is responsible for the research and development department
Fukushima plant completed
Card all at once Search machine RA-2000 type sale


Tokyo factory completed
National police for driving license scoring machine S-720-10,720-10D, 720-30 type sale


Card selector 620-inch, 630-inch release


Address printing machine 310 type, card selector 680 type, pattern selector 710,740,780 type sale


Card selector 501-inch, 530-inch release


Selector 311-inch and puncher P-401 type sale


Address printing machine 220 and 230 series released


It is permission from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as JIS standard display permission factory of electric welding rod holder
Address printing machine 201 type sale


Tanakku Co., Ltd. as a direct company of office equipment, established the Osaka Tanakku Ltd. card selector S-310 type, started selling the address printing machine A-140 type are trademarks of development Tanac”


Development of automatic winding machine AW-800 type. Communication machinery, manufacturing under its own brand as winding of home appliances and electronics, to build a national market to sell


Tanakaseiki inherit the business of Industry Co., Ltd. for the sake of further development of the future will strive to enhance the content Tanakaseiki Established Co., Ltd.


Released as a TS-type safety holder to develop the electric welding rod holder


Is its predecessor was established Tanakaseiki Industry Co., Ltd., aviation instrument, precision equipment, communication equipment and production


Tanaka Nanachi founded Tanaka Electric Mfg. In the (former chairman) is Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo original factory)